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About Marquis

Social Media Strategist

I help your business dominate social media by leveraging content creation & Facebook Ads to stand out in your industry and grow your online business.

Marquis Murray – My Story

Not too long I was sitting just where you were—working my 9-5 and moonlighting as a social media manager for my handful of clients. As you know, working a side hustle is no simple task and takes up every bit of energy you have, especially when you’re forced into leaving it until the last moment.

I knew I wanted a different life and so I reached out for help. Getting my own coach was the best thing I could have done for my career and I owe a lot of my success to him for not only talking about what I needed to do to move the needle but also guiding me through the steps I needed to take to get there.

Before long (and with careful planning) I quit my day job and started working for myself. Within 45 days I had closed to tripled my monthly income and before long was on track to make 6 figures. Something that previously seemed impossible.

I learned through all of this that we not only have enough time in the day but as long as we use that time wisely to reach our goals and make small actionable steps to get there day after day that anything was possible.

My family, business, and my life are all lived out on my terms. I want to show you how to do the same. Stop thinking, stop searching, you’ve found your solution. Let’s talk.

“His work is excellent. Thorough, calculated, and strategic. I’ve had others look at our social media output and say,
“I want what they have”

Why Work With Me?

Nothing beats one-on-one coaching when it comes to your business. Having me on your side means that I’m also working on your business and helping it to grow.

 I’ve been where you are, so learn from me, where I went wrong and what you need to do right now to move your business ahead.

What’s Inspiring Me

Here’s a short list of what’s been on my nightstand lately that’s inspired success and has kept me going!

Business Building

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight failed often in order to build the empire that we’ve all come to know. It doesn’t come easy, but it does come.

Going All In

The 10X Rule

What’s one thing you could do right now to change your situation? Why not go all in and put all your energy into it?

Digging Deeper

Start With Why

We’re all good at explaining what we do, but can you explain why you do it? Know why so the what & how always make sense.

Let’s Change Your Approach

Content Creation

Social Media Strategy

Facebook Ads





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