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Are you Using LinkedIn for Business? If Not, You’re (Literally) Leaving Leads on The Table

400 million leads, actually. And if you’re conversant with the dynamics of 21st-century marketing that’s a huge chunk of the marketing pool you’re letting slip into obscurity. Big loss! However, far from just finding new customers, LinkedIn has over the years evolved to be a potent marketing tool, so potent that it’d be a crime for anyone to ignore. Still not convinced? Well, here’s a brief rundown of all that’s to be missed if you’re managing a business without a viable LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn is the haven for B2B marketers

That’s according to one Forbes analysis citing a 2015 social media marketing Industry report. As it turns out, LinkedIn surpassed even Facebook (the supposed king of social media marketing) with 41% of B2B marketers naming the social network in their top ten list (21% ranked it their number 1 marketing platform). Facebook trailed behind with a 30% vote of confidence. There’s a reason B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn. For one, it provides a concentrated enclave of B2B enterprises, but more so, it is easier to connect with these B2B businesses than it is on conventional social media sites like Facebook.

If you’re launching a product, there’s no better place to do so, than on LinkedIn

One poll conducted by Regalix, clearly showed that LinkedIn was the most effective platform to orchestrate a successful and business defining product launch. To add to this 81% of B2B companies use LinkedIn for their launches. Another 71% add Twitter, and only 54% integrate Facebook into their product launches. Are you still relying on the somewhat antique press releases to get the word out about your products? You’re passing out on a vast audience category every time you skip LinkedIn

When staffing Facebook and Twitter may not be the answer

In the last few years, LinkedIn has redefined the Job recruitment scene. While career websites and the likes still have their role in spotting the best talent, it’s easy to say that all the best talent has developed their presence on LinkedIn. How can you attract this talent pool to come work for you if your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile? – you can’t go fishing if you don’t have a net (or a rod).

LinkedIn increases your brand’s visibility

Aside from exposing you to LinkedIn’s over 400 million users, a perfectly tailored LinkedIn business page bolsters your search engine performance, and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to business searches, Google appreciates professionalism. It’s the same reason businesses with Google pages rank higher, and it’s why virtually every other company in the US in the last few years have added a YELP profile.

Finally, it’s the perfect content distribution channel

One study by Marketing Profs showed that LinkedIn was the most effective content distribution tool, with over 94% of B2B marketers attesting to its usage. LinkedIn propagates your content to followers and their connections; who conversely spread it to their contacts and followers. It doesn’t end there. The average LinkedIn follower is following an influencer or another user precisely because they want content from that user. They’re ready to absorb all that’s thrown at them. Compared to Facebook and Twitter where connections are formed on a get-to-know, familial, and most often non-professional basis. Want to reach a largely professional demography with your tailor-made content; it’s time to get LinkedIn for your business.

Not sure where to start? Well, that’s what I’m here for. Let’s chat!